We offer complete network maintenance, installation and system integration for all systems, applications and hardware.   Since client satisfaction is paramount at RemoteTech, user feedback is constantly processed to create new development models, and 24-hour support is available.  As well as constantly developing an internal network infrastructure, RemoteTech is also very conscious of maintaining security against external intrusion.  RemoteTech offers full up-to-date security monitoring as well as:

  • network installation
  • network repairs / maintenance
  • network audits
  • Management of LAN and TCP/IP applications and infrastructure
  • Remote access solutions
  • Security monitoring and risk management services
  • Intrusion detection, firewall and incident management
  • network optimization
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) maintenance
  • WIFI network deployment / maintenance


RemoteTech's network management teams help companies manage and integrate all of their Servers, Desktops, Printing Stations and e-mail/telecom applications. We do network audits to gain a further understanding of your network and to create long term plans for development. Improvement is gained through remote networking outsourcing services. Remote monitoring, performance reports and product application installation and customization is performed. Transparency to these tasks is one of RemoteTech's major focus. This enables our client's employees to continue to work without the hassle of constant interaction with Tech Support.



RemoteTech's WIFI service offers the best possible wireless internet / network that your business location can achieve. RemoteTech uses wireless equipment that includes the use of commercial antenna's to increase the range of your network. These ranges can reach distances most didn't know was possible. Security is RemoteTech's number one priority and it is deployed using the method that suits our clients operation.



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