IT Infrastructure Management

Whether you're looking to expand your current IT Department, reform your IT processes, increase productivity or cut costs RemoteTech has the perfect IT Infrastructure system designed specifically for our unique clients.

Below you will find a wide variety of topics RemoteTech covers.


Data Center Management
Companies of today accumulate vast quantities of data. It can be very easy to generate this data. and just as easy to loose track of it all. RemoteTech's services help our clients manage and organize any information they process. Managing this data properly can helps RemoteTech's clients increase productivity and profits. RemoteTech's Data Warehousing services is the root core of this organization. Your data is the heart of your company's information infrastructure. RemoteTech helps companies organize their data the right way.


Network Management
RemoteTech's network management teams help companies manage and integrate all of their Servers, Desktops, Printing Stations and e-mail/telecom applications. We produce network audits to gain a further understanding of our clients' network and to create long term plans for development. Improvement is gained through remote networking and outsourcing services. We perform remote monitoring, performance reports and product application installation and customization. Carrying out these services without disrupting the operation network is one of RemoteTech's major focuses This allows our client's employees to continue to work without the hassle of constant interaction with Tech Support.


Helpdesk Services
While RemoteTech focuses on providing effective IT solutions that are as customer friendly as possible, we also pride ourselves on an excellent technical support and assistance program. Remotetech presents our clients with a variety of Helpdesk services, including:

  • Offshore IT help desks for IT infrastructure support and management
  • Centralized help desk location
  • Remote Control Management for quick and transparent technical support. This type of service has many similarity with how RemoteTech's Home Services function
  • - Helpdesk that works with your IT Infrastructure covering desktop/laptops, servers, office workstations, email, network & connectivity issues, Q/A and custom applications.


Database Management Consulting and Systems Integration
RemoteTech's expert consultants offer a wide variety of advice concerning data management systems analysis and structure. All of our solutions include a step-by-step plan that begins with systems requirement analysis and then proceeds to designing a projected development structure, implementing that structure with the current process, outlining training requirements. Just a few of the areas RemoteTech experts are familiar with servers, SAN (Storage Area Network) solutions, storage security, emergency recovery plans and storage management software.

Data Center Management
We offer the complete spectrum of data center management services that can help your organization capitalize on business opportunities and result in real improvements in profitability. These range from technical and change management support to process optimization and disaster recovery.

Improving data center management efficiency can organize and give context to all the information our client's businesses use. This can lead to an overall increase in efficiency, and provide tangible results. These extend from managing change to emergency recovery optimization.


Systems Integration
For decades, business systems have been increasing in complexity by leaps and bounds. One of the major benefits of today's digital world our ability to integrate these systems with such precision that they have the presence of uniformity. RemoteTech focuses on a transparent approach of integrating multiple systems to allow more automation, resulting IN higher productivity.


Server Management
We help you manage your server environment and backup effectively to maintain performance at optimum levels. Our server and backup management offerings ensure that server parameters and operating systems are administered and tuned well. Our deliverables include:

  • Operating system administration
  • Performance monitoring of servers (monitoring CPU, disk space, memory utilization) and fine tuning
  • Storage solutions management
  • Backup management and restoration drill exercises
  • Configuration management
  • Management of upgrades and patches
  • First level diagnosis of server problems and escalation of hardware problems to vendors

Our offerings span multiple environments, platforms, operating systems and tools:

  • Solaris, HP UX, AIX, SCO UNIX. Digital Unix, VMS , NT and Windows-2000
  • Clustered environment with Sun Clusters, Qualix Clusters and Microsoft clustering.
  • Performance monitoring and tuning using tools like Unicenter TNG, HP OpenView, and Solstice Symon.
  • Storage solutions from EMC, Clarion, SUN and HP
  • Complete range of SUN Enterprise Servers including E10K, all versions of Solaris 2.x from 2.0 to 2.7 and the SUN Internet range of hardware like the Netra series.
  • SUN software environments like Sun Cluster 2.0 and 2.1, Sun HA, Sun Cluster 2.1, Online Disk Suite, Solstice Enterprise
  • Backup, backup software from Legato and BMC, Solstice Symon etc.
  • HP Servers - N Class, HP UNIX and Digital UNIX


Storage Management
RemoteTech's Storage Management is backed on Storage Resource Management (SRM). This is designed to optimize the efficiency and speed with which the available drive space is utilized in a storage area network ( SAN ). Functions of our SRM program include data storage, data collection, data backup, data recovery, SAN performance analysis, storage virtualization, storage provisioning, forecasting of future needs, maintenance of activity logs, user authentication, protection from hackers and worms, and management of network expansion. For further information about data management please see Data Warehousing .


On-site Services
RemoteTech's On-site services provide a wide degree of IT Management solutions and services. These include fully trained staff that provides administration, monitoring and consulting services while On-site. This staff works hand and hand without offshore support centers to provide fast and efficient solutions. We incorporate our own Remote Control support and management for the quickest possible response times to ongoing issues.


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