RemoteTech is devoted to coming through and producing the change necessary to improve our client's business models. We demonstrate this though both the visible changes in cost efficiency, but on a contractual level as well. This is so all our clients feel comfortable with RemoteTech from the very beginning of our business relationship. RemoteTech presents service level agreement ( SLA ) that benefits our clients Application Management needs.


Our agreements include:

  • Various Service schedules designed to meet client needs
  • The number of users that can be served simultaneously
  • Specific performance benchmarks to which performance will be compared
  • The schedule for notification in advance of network changes that may affect users
  • Help desk response time for various classes of problems
  • Dial-in access availability
  • Usage statistics that will be provided


RemoteTech's Application Management breaks down to three categories. These are Application Development, Application Maintenance and Application Testing.



Application Development

RemoteTech's application development offers delivery solutions that cut costs without sacrificing integrity. We offer:

  • Prepared development models
  • A full account of project requirements
  • Leading edge technology, including Wifi and VoIP
  • Structured development processes
  • Constant monitoring of services and program management


There are immediate as well as long term benefits to increased application development. These include cutting costs while simultaneously maintaining a fast speed of development that not only allows our clients to keep up with competitors, but puts them ahead of the flock. RemoteTech uses Projection Models outlining and anticipating the way to most smoothly integrate application developments with your business process.



Application Maintenance

RemoteTech offers SLA based maintenance on an around the clock, 7 day a week schedual. This service includes on-call support for high priority problems, user based issues, customer inquiry answers and patching issues. RemoteTech understands that application maintenance is an ongoing contention. Our support centre is built around this understanding and will service your needs better because of this. RemoteTech's services include:


By choosing RemoteTech for application maintenance our clients benefit:

  • Overall cost reductions for maintenance and support
  • More rapid implementation of initiatives
  • Contractual agreements regarding overall customer satisfaction on a range of issues that include but are not limited to price, performance and productivity.
  • Human resources infrastructure analysis



Application Testing

Applications that continue to fail in today's business world are not acceptable. RemoteTech diagnostic testing along with our Portfolio Analysis process helps eliminate these types of issues. Often today business based applications are not currently operating to their optimal level. They can regularly occur without any knowledge of the error. These costly mistakes can become a overwhelming burden to companies who can't immediately correct them. RemoteTech uses a high level of certified standards. These certifications include:

•  SEI

•  CMM

•  ISO

•  Six Sigma

•  Stringent BS 7799 certified security standards


While there is no doubt that a thorough applications testing policy saves money and increases efficiency, it is still important to perform applications testing in the most cost effective manner. Outsourcing an application testing team is a viable method maintaining a rigorous application filtration policy in the most cost-effective manner possible.



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